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March 2010

November 2007

September 2005

Tollmann paints in his studio!

Tollmann paints great personalities in his Stiegenberg studio.

Tollmann Glass artworks.

Markus Tollmann works and experiments with many materials.

Tollmann paints with every medium

Extension of his creativity to the medium of light.

Tollmann & WDR

Markus Tollmann took part in the swap report from WDR.

Press Article

"New shine for old pearl"

– 2015

"A Picture of a Man"

– 2017

"A Picture of a Man"

– 2007

"Soccer Star Allagui"

– 2014

"Düsseldorf artist"

– 2014

"The (Toll)man whom the stars trust"

– 2017

"Politician Peter Struck"

– 2010


– 2005

"Gallery Baumgartl"

– 2008

"Painting Battle with Mario"

– 2018

"Color explosion in Mallorca"

– 2016

"Werne Mang"

– 2016

"Helmut Berger"

– 2016

"Randy Hanson"

– 2000

Tollmann & Friends

Hermann Bühlbecker


Costa Cordalies


Bernhard Paul

Zirkus Roncalli

Boris Becker


Mario Adorf


Peter Struck

Secretary of Defense

Walter Scheel

Federal President

Pierre Brice


Wladimir Schirinovski

Russian politician 

Uwe Ochsenknecht